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Questions: Would a Memberium / LearnDash Checklist Be Useful?

If you read my previous article, you’d know about my market research survey.  It’s a survey I ran to gather information on concerns Infusionsoft users face when selecting a membership site builder.  (Click here to read that previous article.)

What came up over and over in the responses was the need for a checklist. These business owners wanted to see a list or mini-roadmap showing how the provider would build their site.

There were a couple of interesting reason that were given for wanting it.  The first one was that a good checklist showed the provider had a process. They saw it as a badge of honor proving they had done this plenty of times and now had a checklist to follow so their delivery was consistent.

The second reason was they wanted to know what their responsibilities would be on the project.  They thought they could use a checklist to understand the effort required so they could prepare for it.

I am planning to produce a checklist for someone with basic Wordpress website building skills and a working understanding of Infusionsoft campaigns.  The checklist would be focused on the needs of someone setting up their first Memberium / LearnDash website.  The next step after completing this would be to add your course content.

Below is a working outline of what I'm planning to make available:

  • Step 1 – Install Wordpress
  • Step 2 - Install Memberium
  • Step 3 – Connect Memberium to Infusionsoft
  • Step 4 - Set up your login page and forgot password page
  • Step 5 - Set up your login dashboard
  • Step 6 - Install LearnDash
  • Step 7 - Set up your first course

On a scale from 1 to 10, would this be valuable to you?