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How to Find Your Awesome Membership Site Expert

I surveyed a good number of Infusionsoft users on their concerns selecting a membership site builder.  The survey recipients were all seasoned business owners. They were online marketing savvy.  They all understood:

  • Infusionsoft,
  • automated sales funnels, and
  • how to use these to generate leads.

At the same time, these were not experienced membership site builders.  They would all tell you, “This is NOT an area I know well.”

When I asked these people the question, “What is your biggest challenge when selecting a membership site provider?,” here are some of the answers I got:

  • “I don’t know what it takes to build one [a membership site] and what I can expect from a provider.”
  • “…I would need someone to help me understand where to even start.”
  • “…my biggest concern is having the budget continually grow as the project goes along.”
  • “…hiring someone to do something like this and spending more than necessary.”

In my practice, I sense this anxiety from sharp business owners coming to me.  And these are ones that are:

  • Wanting to go online with the same in-person course materials they use today,
  • Looking for ways to service more clients without hiring more staff or
  • Wanting to reduce the travel needed by their current in-person deliver of their services.

My survey made it even more clear to me that taking on a membership program or online course for any business owner is intimidating.  Just hiring the right team to work with them can get overwhelming.

The fact that the whole process reminds them of their previous failures selecting vendors doesn’t make it any better.  Every business owner I talk to has war stories about working with a vendor they thought was really good and they later fell short.  So they bring that additional issue into the decision making process.

For those standing on the edge getting ready to start building a membership or online course website, here’s a resource you are going to need.   It’s my FREE mini-course called, “Building and Selling Your Online Course PROFITABLY.”  It a 5 lesson video mini-course that takes 20 minutes to complete.  It gives a high level walk through of the issues you and your provider need to address.  It gives you an approach, a road map, a checklist for getting your project moving forward successfully.

This adventure may not be as bad as you think.