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Infusionsoft and Memberium Used to Release Kahuna Accounting’s New Site

Infusionsoft combined with Memberium is something to seriously consider when building an Infusionsoft-based membership site.  It used to be there was another big player on the block, but Memberium has stepped up and proven itself to be a worthy competitor and even a solid replacement.

Memberium offers some strong features, an attractive pricing model and extremely solid customer support.  The Larry Jacob team is more than happy to endorse it.  We've become Memberium Certified Implementation Partners.

The Larry Jacob team and I recently had a great time releasing a membership site adding to our really big collection of membership sites for the year. This one was for Midewest-based Kahuna Accounting.  You can visit and take a look.  Kahuna is best known in Infusionsoft circles for their experiencing integrating Infusionsoft with Quickbooks and Xero accounting systems.  They are accountants that know the ins and outs of these online accounting packages well.

This site takes material previously available to their clients using less sophisticated methods and makes them available on an Infusionsoft Memberium site. This makes it easy to access and easy to manage.

So why did we use Memberium for the project?  The project, which we started working late last year needed a proven membership platform that integrated with Infusionsoft.  Memberium has the right features and is simple to configure.

As is standard for all our Infusionsoft membership sites including the Memberium projects, our team builds an administrative web form customer team members can easily use to manage member access. They never have to resort to manually assigning Infusionsoft tags. These interfaces make managing the business aspects of the solution straight-forward to use. This makes it so anyone with even minimal Infusionsoft knowledge can run the system.

We'd love to help with your Infusionsoft membership sites. Let us know how we can help.

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