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Defining Infusionsoft Success – Episode 18

Are you interested in displaying targeted calls-to-action on your website based on the past behavior of your visitor? It's like re-targeting on your own website. That's what ConvertFlow, this year's winner of Infusionsoft's Battle of the Apps, does. It enables you to select website offers and content using the past behavior of your visitor.

In this episode, Jorge interviews CovertFlow's Ethan Denney and they discuss how to put ConvertFlow to work on your website to improve conversions.

Visit for more information on Ethan's solution.

Jorge Lazaro Diaz is president and founder of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing. He's an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant and hosts his "How Do You Define Infusionsoft Success?" video blog.

His firm focuses on meeting the needs of Infusionsoft users wanting solutions for growing their business. He and his team have developed extensive expertise building Infusionsoft membership sites (they are Memberium Certified Implementation Partners), custom Wordpress websites as well as other Infusionsoft solutions requiring integration with supporting technologies.

Jorge and his team can be reached at +1(305)938-0634 or via their website at