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Are You Doing Your Own Online Marketing with No Outside Help?

I've seen a lot of people work on their online marketing efforts with no outside help. It can work, but it's like jumping in a swimming pool without a scuba tank. You can look around and explore for a little while, but you eventually run out of air and have to come up.

I was talking to a customer of mine this week. It's December and this is when he works on his business plans for the following year. We were going over what he wants to accomplish in the New Year and how we can work together to make it his best year ever.

He's got some hefty goals and we support him with marketing consulting and online marketing implementation work. We make sure he's getting the most for his efforts.

In that conversation, I got some really good feedback from him on our performance. It was so good that I asking him if he'd record it as a video testimonial. (See that below.)

When you've been doing what you do, like we have, a long time, it's easy to take what you do for granted. You are so effective and the relationship with your client runs so smoothly that we become unimpressed with yourself and often done toot your horn like you should.

I wasn't completely surprised by his complement, but it got me thinking about other clients we've worked with that could benefit from the way we have worked with Josh. Instead of a project to project relationship, we become an extension of their organization providing ongoing services at a set price. He said he appreciated it, because he got what he needed AND he could budget for it easily.

He agreed that there is a strong demand for this especially given that he has a circle of contacts that like him use online marketing to promote their busienss. He sees what he has gotten from working with us and sees others in his circles with the same implementation issues that could benefit as well.

His reason for outsourcing implementation work to us is obviously because it saves him time and increases the effectiveness of his marketing solutions. But what has really helped him is he gets the opportunity to bounce his ideas off us, using us as a sounding board. That results in completed solution that are much better than if he built them in isolation limiting himself to what he himself has seen work.

I'd be happy to offer you a free strategy session to go over what it is you do and how you could more effectively marketing what you sell. Visit our site at and set up time with me.