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Are You Making This Big Infusionsoft Campaign Builder Mistake?

I read Greg Jenkin's article,"No Decision Diamond Needed," last week and just had to share it.  He covers Infusionsoft Campaign Builder decision diamonds with a focus on when you do NOT need to use them..  Greg points out a fundamental mistake I see a lot of first time Infusionsoft users make.  Because they don't fully understand the Campaign Builder, they start using decision diamonds when Campaign Builder goals are the much better option.  When I see this being done in campaigns I'm reviewing, it's a clear sign the user is missing out on what Campaign Builder has to offer.

I'm not going to reiterate the great information Greg shares in his article.  Just like I refer my customers to his Monkeypod Marketing Training solutions, I recommend you read this one article of his.  If you understand and put to use what he's teaching here, you are set to put the power of Campaign Builder to work for you.

Click here for Greg's article, "No Decision Diamond Needed."