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Are You Telling the Story Your Prospects Want to Hear?

I've got another membership site building customer that's a big fan of Story Branding.  He's working with a Story Branding certified consultant and that gets a big thumbs up from me.  It gets my endorsement because Memberium / Infusionsoft membership sites branded, marketed and promoted using what Story Branding teaches stand out.

A big takeaway I mention in my video below is how I often see business owners selling their expertise make the mistake of positioning themselves in their sales copy as the expert / hero of the story.  The expert part is OK, but you NEVER position yourself as the hero.  That's the role you give to your prospect and client.

You want to be positioning yourself as the very knowledgeable guide, still an expert of course, who's role it is to advise our hero.  Think of the great movies and you see examples.  In every good story, you have a Luke Skywalker with the Obiwan who is more experienced and has expertise the hero lacks.  They play the role of the guide, which is important, but they never take center stage.  That's reserved for our prospect.

That's the relationship you want to describe when you're telling your story looking to attract potential customers.  This is important for our customer promoting membership programs, online courses or any digital program.  This plays well for the solutions we sell.

This is just one of the ideas that are a part of Story Branding.  Investigate that some more to learn all about how that can add to your marketing.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.