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Brian Keith or Mr. Red Beard’s Impact Framework

Transforming Small Business Thinking - Episode 86
Guest: Brian Keith

In order to grow any business, you have to inspire people. People have to notice your message in an ad, an article, a video, a webinar or something else and feel inspired in some way. To make a real difference to your business, that must lead someone to take action. They can't just ponder your message, they actually have to do something. The ultimate goal is that they use that experience to make a change in how they do things today.

Brian Keith's Impact Framework is a formula for reviewing what you do to market your business, identify shortcomings and make the necessary adjustments. The intent is that those are adjustments that lead to a real change in your prospects and customers.

His program gives you a simple roadmap any business owner can use to benefit their business.

In this episode, Jorge interviews Brian Keith who gives a good explanation of how his Impact Framework can be used in a business. You have to see it to understand it. It's definitely worth the 38 minutes it will take you to watch it.

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