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5 Reasons Why Working With a Highly Skilled BuddyBoss Developer Is Best

BuddyBoss Developers are Like Einstein

BuddyBoss is a Wordpress based community building platform. As a BuddyBoss developer team, we started working with BuddyBoss when it was first released years ago and it's a great way to enable your learners to interact with each other.  It provides many features for building community and, from the very start, BuddyBoss has integrated well with LearnDash. Given that LearnDash is our preferred learning management or online course building solution, it's now a platform we use a lot in client projects.

One problem that often comes up with anyone building an online course is that their students are going through their training completely on their own. That can be a lonely experience. It often leads to members dropping out of the program before they complete it.

Adding a community with BuddyBoss pulls students out of Lone Ranger mode. It makes it possible to add features for:

  • getting their questions answers,
  • understanding issues others have experience,
  • receiving encouragement from other students sharing this experience, and
  • keeping members from prematurely learning the course and joining additional courses you make available to them.

As I mentioned earlier, BuddyBoss is a great solution, but it is a platform that takes some effort to configure. I like to say that its biggest strength is that it has many, many, many features. It's biggest weakness is it has many, many, many features. We get calls from a good number of first time BuddyBoss users that have started building their site and then give us a call to get it done. They get confused or overwhelmed by all the options and look to a team like us to get them past their issues.

Here are 5 reasons why working with an experienced BuddyBoss developer from the start gets you better results.

BuddyBoss Developer Reason 1 - You Put Known Best Practices to Work

Even if first time BuddyBoss builders avoid getting stuck, we find that their websites miss out on many of the available BuddyBoss features. They miss out on known configuration enhancements that take BuddyBoss Web to the next level.

BuddyBoss has a list of components. There are 13 of them in total.

We have started working with BuddyBoss users that have all 13 of them enabled when they only need 2 or 4 of them. BuddyBoss has a lot of features addressing the needs of a lot of community builders, but rarely do we find course builders use all of them. Since by default, the features are turned on, the first timer keeps them on.

To introduce the features BuddyBoss provides, the default install makes ALL OF THE FEATURES available in the menus. This out of the box configuration gets you over 20 menu items that is overwhelming for students.

These a just a few of the adjustments we use in all our customer projects.  There are many, many more that only an BuddyBoss team with experienced using the platform would know how to set up properly given customer requirements.

BuddyBoss Developer Reason #2 - You Meet Your Requirements More Precisely

BuddyBoss is highly customizable, and an expert can help you customize it to fit your specific needs. This customization could include designing a unique theme so the user interface is more to your liking. It could mean adding features that are not native to BuddyBoss, but are offered by a third-party addon that integrates really well with BuddyBoss.  

In any case, when you work with a developer that has experience using BuddyBoss, you will be using the best features made available by the platform without having to go through the trial and error method that it will take when you try to do this yourself.

BuddyBoss Developer Reason #3 - You Get Help NOT Available from BuddyBoss Technical Support

BuddyBoss support is good. They help you address configuration issues or bugs with the platform. They are NOT a consulting team. That is NOT what they are set up to do. 

Hiring a BuddyBoss developer provides you with technical support to troubleshoot issues. As we mentioned in #2, you get your site configured to address your specific requirements. With all projects you take on where you are not the expert in the technology, you have to do your research. You will be doing a lot of Google-ing trying all the possible things you can try.

When you work with an experienced BuddyBoss developer, you outsource that to the experts and allow them to guide you. It keeps you from haphazardly treading to uncharted territory, wasting time you don't have and still not getting the best possible solution.


BuddyBoss Developer Reason # 4 - Your Student Get a Much Better User Experience

A BuddyBoss developer can help you create a better user experience for your members or customers. On multiple occasions, we have been hired to help out with a working site built by a first timer. We see very similar issue with these sites. The buyer's purchasing journey is odd. It's not a smooth, straightforward experience. Learners get a welcome message that can be very confusing to someone buying a course from you. It can make using your site a struggle. 

Working with an experienced developer will make the user experience engaging and interactive with the smarts you get from someone experience working with you.

BuddyBoss Developer Reasons #5 - You Get Strategic Guidance

Hiring a BuddyBoss developer can give you access to expert advice on how to make the most of the platform's features. A first timer will see the BuddyBoss' demo site, which is a good one, and see huge potential. Once you get into the thick of it, it's difficult to identify which of the demo site features you really need. Some might be better offered in a future release.

Any good project benefits from a well defined Minimally Viable Product (MVP). That often time works best so you don't delay releasing the product waiting on features that aren't 100% necessary from the start. Those are also features that may be better designed later after you have had a chance to observe how people use the site.

This kind of advice isn't something you are going to get when you do it yourself or work with a team that is using the platform for the first time.


In conclusion, hiring an experienced BuddyBoss developer can be a game-changer for your online business or community. They can:

  • provide you with the technical expertise and support needed to make the most of the platform's features,
  • customize your website to fit your specific needs,
  • enable you to take advantage of best practices and
  • create a better user experience for your members.

So, if you are looking to take your BuddyBoss website to the next level, consider hiring a BuddyBoss developer today.