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BuddyBoss Expert Enhancements You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you follow me, you'll know our team works on a lot of BuddyBoss expert sites. My team and I have built a lot of BuddyBoss solutions using BuddyBoss Theme, BuddyBoss Platform, BuddyBoss Platform Pro, and BuddyBoss App for small business owners. They have a very unique solution for adding community features to a Wordpress site. There isn’t another solution like that for Wordpress site builders. It works extremely well with LearnDash which is our preferred online course building tool.

What we find is that a lot of small business owners using BuddyBoss for the first time choose BuddyBoss for all the right reasons, but they do not understand two big shortcomings of the solution they can easily address. Some do NOT address it at all. Others do it with the wrong tools or plugins.
Let me go over these with you.

BuddyBoss Expert Discuss Two Issues to Address

As I have mentioned, my team and I are BuddyBoss experts. We have developed these skills using it on the customer projects site BuddyBoss was released many years ago. They originally used the name, Social Network for LearnDash, which attracted us given the number of LearnDash sites we build. It’s a good solution that is only getting better with all the enhancements they are making to it.

We tell potential customers about it when they are looking to implement community features on a learning site.

Like any tool, it has areas where it isn’t particularly strong. There are two areas I want to address in this article.

The first is how best to do e-commerce. BuddyBoss doesn’t offer an e-commerce solution. If that is something you need and you use LearnDash, you can consider using LearnDash’s e-commerce feature. Please avoid doing that. LearnDash is great for online course building. Their e-commerce feature is not very full-featured. It will likely not meet your needs.

The second is you are going to need a membership tool. This is a platform designed to create membership levels for giving access to members who have requested or purchased what you sell. It also protects your Wordpress content so people who haven’t purchased your stuff can’t get to it.

BuddyBoss Expert Goes Over Recommended Solution: WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an e-commerce solution and a good one. When we work on BuddyBoss sites, we often recommend adding WooCommerce. It’s a free solution. If you are needing subscription or recurring payments for your online course/memberships, pay the additional $199 a year and get WooCommerce Subscriptions. These work really well with BuddyBoss.

Once configured, WooCommerce makes selling your memberships very straightforward and provides your members with a very elegant experience.

A membership access tool is the other feature we always recommend for any BuddyBoss expert site. What most builders discover once they get started with the programs they want to offer is they need to offer different memberships. Some will have online a course in it. Others will have a course and some other Wordpress assets. It could be a page, a set of posts in a blog category. It can include courses.

The solution we recommend is Wishlist Member. Wishlist Member has been around since the beginning of time. The tool works really well with WooCommerce. You can take payments with WooCommerce and give automatic access to a membership level via Wishlist Member. You’ll find that Wishlist Member enables you to associate any Wordpress asset with any membership level you like. You can create membership level 1 with one set of assets that get protected as a group. You can create membership level 2 with a different set of assets and you can have overlap between this. The flexibility it provides you to create membership levels is endless.

Please do NOT underestimate the importance of adding WooCommerce and Wishlist Member to your mix. They will give you features you will struggle to implement with LearnDash alone. It will enable you to create highly functioning solutions that are flexible, easy to enhance, and make your site maintenance and operations as simple as possible.