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BuddyBoss Learning Communities Gives a Powerful Boost to Online Course Learning

Check with anyone that knows online course learning like we do and you’ll learn that the typical online course completion has a completion rate below 10%.  Yes! It’s a mere 10 percent.

That means that all the work that goes into building a course is only being seen by 1 of 10 of your students. The rest never finish and they are missing out on the benefits. They become dissatisfied customers who won’t buy anything else you sell them. Don’t count on them telling their friends about you either.

What a shame!!

One way to beat this terrible stat is to tap into the features offered by BuddyBoss. BuddyBoss is a WordPress community-building platform. It enables you to build a community around your learning materials.

We all learned in classrooms where we and our peers listened to our teacher. The teacher did a lot of the teaching, but a lot of the learning happened without the teacher. Students got together for study groups. Slower students partnered up with smarter ones to pick up what they were missing.  In-person school is a natural learning community that extends way beyond what a teacher does.

BuddyBoss enables you to add that dynamic to your online course.

When you build an online course, you’re probably taking materials used in your face-to-face consulting with clients. You may have used your presentations materials using that as the starting point.  You adapted it so it worked online likely converting your content into videos that we all know work well online. You add some written content and downloadable documents and you have the online equivalent of what you used to teach in person.

It’s a great start, but it’s missing both the student-to-instructor and student-to-student interaction. That’s where BuddyBoss steps in.  BuddyBoss takes your learning materials and adds a way for your students to interact with each others. It works really well with learning management systems like LearnDash so instead of the student learning alone, you give them community, a tribe, a pack that can partner with them to improve their learning.

Think about something interesting that happens in good in-person classrooms. You get these vocal students that ask a lot of questions. You get these quiet students that don’t ask questions, but they listen in on the interaction between the vocal students and the instructor.

BuddyBoss enables you to add this community to your learning.  It includes:

  • Student-to-instructor messaging and emailing,
  • student-to-student messaging and emailing,
  • discussion forums that can be configured to meet your course demands,
  • push notifications so as things happen your students get notified

Visit to check out all the other features they provide.

They recently launched BuddyBoss Apps for building learning environments as a phone/mobile app. It supports building your learning environment as a phone app on both Apple and Google phones instead of running a website on your phone browser. It’s perfect given how we all use our phones today.

Let me know if you’d like more information on making use of this powerful BuddyBoss platform.