Membership Sites
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Dealing with the Horse Shit Right Is What Makes You Successful

Building a membership site to make your online course or membership site available to your members is critical. Without it, you don't have much. But it's just as important to deal with the the operations of the site ahead of time.

Membership sites, whether built using Infusionsoft / Memberium or another platform, have plenty of features for observing what's happening and making adjustments. You can easily use them to maximize your member's experience. In the Seville, Spain horse carriages I refer to in the video, I talk about the horse feed, the horse shit and the operational day-to-day that has to be done. It's something that isn't all that sexy, but it's where the real money is made.

I've seen a lot of membership site owners work hard to launch their sites then take a sigh of relief. It's like a big "Whew, I'm done." Then they focus all their effort into selling it to more and more members. That's important, but you can't fail in exploring and understanding what's happening with those members they've already sold.

Question you need to ask are:
What are my most engaged users doing?
Are their pockets of users that aren't logging in?
Are members getting answer to the questions that got them to buy your program?

My team and I have a lot of resources you can tap for both building and managing the horse shit that comes with building a membership program. Sign up for your free strategy call, no obligation, so we can go over how to make the most of your membership site and the experience you deliver to your members.