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Memberium Umbrella Feature Turns Two This Month

January marks the two year anniversary of Memberium's Umbrella or Parent/Child account feature. Bring out the birthday cake and let's celebrate. This is a super feature that enables you to sell online course or membership program access in blocks. You can continue to sell it a membership at a time, but this enables you to give buyers the option to be a blocks of 5, 10, 50, 100 memberships with a single transaction. You pick the number.

The feature enables the administrator of the block to manage their block of members. If you purchase a block of 10, the admin can invite 10 people as members. If one of their member no longer needs access, their account can be deactivated and that seat assigned to someone else. The feature allows you to build your membership levels so everyone in the group has the same access or different access levels. For example, the interface can be configured so 5 members get Silver level access and 5 members get Gold level access.

The feature is flexible. You can keep things simple or you can get creative depending on your membership site or online course need.

We've used this for a good number of clients over the past two years. Here are a few examples:

  • We build a restaurant leadership program allowing the business owner to train their team of restaurant managers in best practices.
  • We worked with a healthcare agency trainer that offers a course to  educate nurses and other clinical staff on dealing with mentally disabled patients.
  • We have been working for over a year with a pastoral program that has a helps ministers and ministry leaders  incorporate prayer more effectively into their ministries.

What these three program all have in common is that they have a group of people needing access to a program. In these examples in particular, you have teams with team members going in and out of the program. A need to be able to give and remove access to members within that block. Obviously you can upgrade to a block or package with a larger number of members, but the interface is enables you to build are perfect for allow administrators to manage their blocks as required.

If you search our blog, you'll find several how-to's you can use to learn the basics of the feature. Once you see a few examples, you'll see it's pretty easy to use. In the next few weeks I'll be publishing a few additional articles showing some more advanced feature. My hopes it will enable you to see the full potential of this feature and enable you to make the most of it in your membership site projects.