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Hackers Want Your Data So How Do You Protect Yourself

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 67
Guest: Craig Petronella

Hackers used to go after your system much like kids playing capture the flag. They were looking for bragging rights.

Today's Internet is a different world with finely tuned criminal organizations looking to make a buck off of you. The size of your organization is irrelevant. Anyone is a potential target and income source for them.

In this episode, Jorge interviews Craig Petronella who's written extensively on the subject of security. His most recent book is, "How HIPAA Can Crush Your Medical Practice: Why Most Medical Practices Don't Have A Clue About Cybersecurity or HIPAA And What To Do About It." They discuss what business owners can do to keep themselves safe.

If you want to get access to Craig and his recourses, visit or, or call him at 877-468-2721.