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Hand Drawn Videos Are Easier Than You Think

As part of the relaunch of our website, I am producing a series of  hand drawn videos explaining the various aspects of our offerings.  I finished producing our first one describing our Infusionsoft Consulting and Done-for-Your Services.  It turned out really nice so I thought in this blog I would give an overview of how you can produce one of these for your business.

It's a lot easier to produde than you might think.

I did some research among my Infusionsoft consultant friends and some one pointed me at Sparkol.  They have a 7-day free trial that is fully functioning.  If you are ready to go, it's enough time to learn and produce at least one.

Sparkol is the tool for creating the videos and making them available in the format you need.  Once you produce it,  you upload it to YouTube for wherever else you want to host it so you aren't dependent upon them.

Sparkol comes with some good tutorials.  They help you quickly get up to speed and also provide three good sample projects to use as models for your own.

In my case, I had already produced copy for my Infusionsoft Consulting and Done-for-You services so I had some good material to use for my script.  If you listen to the video below, you'll see that it very roughly follows the copy on my service page.

I didn't quite care for Sparkol's recording feature, so I recorded my voice over using Camtasia.  I could have used my headset and gotten good quality audio, but I used my dynamic mike connected to my M-Audio Fast Track Pro USB Audio instead.  If you want to learn more about my recording environment, click here and read over that article.

I did the final edit by combining video and audio in Camtasia.  I am more familiar with it so that made the most sense.

It took some creativity and patience to edit the video, but it came out really nice.  In 1 minute, I think it does a good job explaining that one service of ours.

Hope this helps.

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