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How Do I Fly So Far Off Course?

Last year was rugged for me.  Honestly, my wife and I faced that question I have always worked to avoid.  "Is it time for me to return to a corporate job?"  Please say no!!!

So at the beginning of the year, I made two specific changes.  It was very specific with me taking action every day to make a difference.

The number one thing I committed myself to doing was to call and speak on the phone or Skype with 5 partners a day.  That means someone that is a potential referral source for me.  It tended to be Infusionsoft partners or other online marketers that could refer me membership site building customers.  As cool as chatting and Facebook messages are, I was going to connect with them for real on a call.

Then, I started blogging religiously again.  For lack of time, I had stopped doing that.  I was working in my business and took my eye off of my marketing activities.  This I did right away.

Here I am starting the second half of the year and things have improved.  This is a constant struggle, but the leads are coming in and my revenues are up.  It also forced me to look at my costs and adjustments there have helped.

Of course, I would have made those changes earlier.  It took me a while to take action.  And it's a shame because I like:

  • learning about people,
  • getting to know more about their families,
  • talking about their goals and
  • discovering what makes them tick.

I also enjoy exploring what it is they need and discovering ways we might work together and collaborate.

If you're reading this, you probably arrived because:

  • You received a message I sent you,
  • You visited one of my posts on Facebook or Linkedin where I promote my blog articles, or
  • You ran a search and discovered one of my many articles.

I have so many ideas for articles and video blog that I'm not going to run out of them any time soon.  I like searching for stuff and coming up with ideas for improving how I can do business and how I can work with my customers.  So writing about that in my blogs, recording videos or Facebook Live recordings is simple.

Why had I NOT been doing this?  I got busy.  That's an excuse, but I wasn't focused on where I should be as the business owners.

That's is so dumb.  Of  course, I'm looking ways to make more changes so the business is less and less dependent on me.  I'm tossing more and more responsibilities on my team members.  That is the key.

So how could I be so stupid?  It happens so slowly that you don't notice it.  At first it's a small change in your daily habits that don't make a difference.  Then it's three monthly later and you are so far off course that you are nowhere near where you want to be.  That's the reminder I have for myself and for all us business owners.

Are you facing something similar?  Please share it as a comment so we can all together work and staying on the right track.