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I Found a Really Good Gravity Forms Infusionsoft Plugin

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 80
Guest: Jeff Chimine

We needed a good Gravity Forms Infusionsoft integration plugin. The available one has worked for us, but it's concerning that no updates have been made to it in over 2 years. That's not an easy one to explain if a customer asks you about it.

This was especially concerning with a customer needing a very involved assessment that asked site visitors to answer 50+ questions needing many Infusionsoft tags assigned based on the answers.

An appeal to the Infusionsoft partner community revealed that Jeff Chimine, someone I've known for several years, and his team had come up with a new integration plugin.

This led to this "Defining Infusionsoft Success" interview where I speak to Jeff about his Gravity Forms plugin that enables you to integrate nicely to Infusionsoft.  My team and I have put it through the test and it's rock solid.  I highly recommend it.

To reach Jeff, visit