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How Do You Migrate from MemberPress (or any WordPress Membership) to Memberium?

Memberium Expert on Upgrading your Site to Memberium

We get this question a lot. It's usually from a business owner that's already offering a membership program or online courses. They may be using a Learning Management System (LMS) like LearnDash. Some are using systems like Memberpress or something similar like Wishlist to manage memberships in Wordpress.  They have now adopted Infusionsoft (now renamed Keap Max Classic) and they want to integrate their membership site with Infusionsoft. They're considering Memberium for this, which makes a lot of sense.

The question they ask me is, "Do my members need to select a new password?" Wordpress passwords are encrypted so they are safe and protected. You can't just  download users with the passwords out of Wordpress and upload them to Infusionsoft. This is a good thing. If Memberium could do that so could hackers wanting to get at your member's password. Their concern then is do they need to go through the process of having all their members get new login credentials. That's a big customer service headache.

If you visit Memberium's MemberPress to Memberium Migration articles, you'll get Memberium's step-by-step for MemberPress to Memberium / Infusionsoft migration. You follow a similar process if you are moving from other platforms other than MemberPress.

What I want to point out is that Memberium does allow members to continue using the same login credentials. Here is how.

Like I said before, Wordpress encrypts user passwords so it doesn't allow Memberium to view user passwords.  However, during the login process and only after a members successfully logs in, plugins like Memberium that make use of hooks provided by Wordpress can see the password.

So to migrate users from Wordpress to Memberium, you export all the users out of Wordpress and you upload them to Infusionsoft. That means that you have all your users listed in both the Wordpress user tables and in Infusionsoft. You tag them in Infusionsoft so they have access to all their content. Then, since you don't have their password, you enter the string of characters PASSWORD_PLACEHOLDER into Infusionsoft's custom field where the Memberium password is kept. That string of characters signals to Memberium that it wants the member's password copied to the Infusionsoft custom field.

When you first launch your new Memberium membership site, all members will have that PASSWORD_PLACEHOLDER string in the password field. Then one by one as members login, the string gets replaced with the member's Wordpress password. It happens very elegantly.

I'm hoping this answers this questions for the people planning a migration. Let me know if there are other questions you'd like me to answer for you.