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How to Guarantee New Members Can Login Even If Emails Never Arrive

What a headache? A new member registers. He can't wait to get to your super membership program or online course. Then, "Oh-oh." Their welcome message never arrives. The login credentials you emailed them doesn't show up. It ended up in never-never, who knows where land.

You put a lot of effort into selling and delivering with these Memberium membership sites. Then after all this work, you're starting things with a bad first impression.

This happens often enough for us to now build all our Memberium membership sites solutions using the technique I explain in this video series. The solution I'm describing here is a first step towards a complete solution. I've kept this example simple for illustrative purposes. In the next part of the series, I'll elaborate a bit showing you enhancement we like to make so these initial steps are 100% foolproof, we give a really sophisticated experience and also ask new members an initial set of questions so we can better serve them and make them offers best suited to their needs.

This first video covers the solution from the user's perspective.

This second video shows you how we built it.

Stay tuned to part 2 of this series where we show you how we build solutions that build on this initial first step.