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How to Reward Customers That Spend Most Using Infusionsoft and WordPress?

With the help of members of a Marketing Automation Mastermind group I attend, I have documented the steps required to make use of a customer reward Wordpress plugin to track Infusionsoft customer spend.  When customer spend as recorded in Infusionsoft hits certain range, the plugin sets Infusionsoft tags which trigger an Infusionsoft campaign to take the specified action.  For example, if a client spends more than $5,000, you can use a service like to send them a thank you card, box of cookies or something else as a thank you.

The solution uses two campaigns.  One can be used to send out the appropriate rewards as a thank you.  The other provides a wait feature so you don't send clients who spend a lot with you and frequently too many thank you gifts which could give the wrong message.

I have documented the solution in the following two videos which provide an over of the campaign, the configuration of the plugins, the connection to Infusionsoft and the triggering of the solution from the Infusionsoft shopping card and order forms depending upon the option used by the Infusionsoft users.