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Hype Should NOT Be Your Focus When Promoting Your Online Course

Someone recently asked me, "How is it that course/digital platform creators are building hype for and launching their product?" I get why they ask. They want to attract potential customers and grow sales. The problem is if you are thinking "hype", you might be missing a big issue. Hype is good at the right time, but before you start thinking hype you MUST intimately understand your customer's problem and how your online course relates and solves their problem. You must connect with their problem, and the more emotionally the better, so you grab their attention and get them to investigate your solution enthusiastically.

Here's the big problem.

I run into many course builders that are extreme experts in their field. They have successfully worked with customers needing what they have to offer, usually via in-person consulting, coaching or training. The big issues is that as they begin to market and then sell what they have, they get into what they know. That's their mistake. They know their topic so well, they have a difficult time connecting their online course to the issue and problem their customer needs solved.

I run into this so often.

So let me explain how to get around this.