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ICON17 Things You May Have Missed

I just finished up my trip to Infusionsoft's ICON17 in Phoenix, AZ. This was my 6th ICON and I came back with some great lessons I wanted to share. These article includes some written materials and four short video. Each one covers a different "lesson learned" that many who have seen these shared on social media have told me was valuable to them. Not everyone can attend this event and many who did attend just can't to everything. I'm confident this will be a big help to those in the Infusionsoft space wanting to stay up on what's trending.

Let me know what you think.

Infusionsoft has announced a new landing page builder that expands your campaign goal options. It seems complete based on my initial look at it. You can now get it downloaded to your account. This isn't a "mañana" thing that will get released in months or years.

They also announced a Vimeo integration. This signal that someone has played video and you can take action on that event inside the Campaign Builder based on a new goal that comes with this. Watch the video for a few more finds.

I have been looking for a good Infusionsoft Stripe integration. I need a solution to support international users wanting support for currencies Infusionsoft doesn't yet support. I needed something for clients already using Stripe and not wanting to switch. Take a look at this video for an update from Troy Broussard and his two new releases. One is part of My Fusion Helper. The other is a new product they will soon release.

Infusionsoft announced a services team that will now offer Facebook Ad and Google Adwords management service. This is seen as an entry level option to work as a lead generation service for Infusionsoft users who need them.

Infusionsoft has released a WordPress plugin for adding an opt-in form to your site. It enables you to configure forms that operate as pop ups, sidebar forms with nice visual options. The cool part is you can then add the Wordpress goal in campaign manager and take action when someone fills out your form. It's a nice feature. Learn about it by watching the video.