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Infusionsoft: A Stupid Sad Approach to a Good Wreck

More and more I'm noticing offers from Infusionsoft consultants that concern me.  It really, really concerns me because the business owners that need these solutions cannot afford the potential issues an approach like this can bring them.

If you follow the Google Adwords and Facebook ad links I've been seeing, you arrive at a page that offers a free consultation.  It has some well built Infusionsoft campaigns behind it that say with you encouranging you to respond.

However, if you visit the web site of the Infusionsoft consultant teams, you'll see they aren't really offering what I consider a consulting arrangements.  They offer a fixed set of hours, usually in a face-to-face format and then they are done.  It's fixed price agreement with zero commitment.  There are no deliverables.

These are EXTREMELY profitable for those Infusionsoft consultants.  DID I SAY REALLY, REALLY, REALLY PROFITABLE?

I did.

These teams use some sharp marketing practices and their visibility in the Infusionsoft community to get the word out.  The offer gets you in a room with a really sharp Infusionsoft consultants. But then there is no real deliverable being offered.

If you are interested in increasing your Infusionsoft knowledge and exploring possible Internet marketing ideas for your business, an encounter like this could be exactly what you need. There's nothing like getting in a room with some experienced marketers with hands-on implementation skills to get a business owner the spark they need that can make a huge difference in their business.

However, if what you want is a solution that addresses what it is your business needs, this approach will likely fall short.  You get some good knowledge injection, but not a completed project getting you the solution you need for your business.

I've been a consultant for many, many years.   It's what I do.  You look at a client's need.  You analyze their needs using proven techniques to best understand their requirements.  Then you put a plan in place to address the gap between where they are today and where they need to go.  This includes associated costs and schedules.  The goal is to assure that the Infusionsoft powered business gets to their destination.

In a world where generating passive, recurring and repeatable business is the ideal, many of the folks in this space wants a business model that works well...FOR THEM.  It certainly is where we'd all like to be - I guess.  However, these shortcut models are NOT the way to get projects that work built.

Buyers beware!

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