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What Makes a LearnDash Membership Site a Good One?

When you're building a LearnDash membership site, coming up with the right navigation and work flow can be a challenge. Making it run "smoothly" to maximize the user experience is important, but how do you go about doing that if you've never done it before?

In the video, I give a tour of Skills System's membership site. It's a certification program for people working with the mentally disabled. It's a site we've built using LearnDash connected to Infusionsoft using Memberium. These second two solutions are great, but if you are looking for LearnDash design example, this completely applies.

The video reviews the sites home and login page, the login experience and transition after login to the site dashboard. We review the transition in and out of the dashboard, the LearnDash lesson layouts and how the site flows between each of these.

For Infusionsoft Memberium users, we cover how we've implemented Corporate or Umbrella / Parent Child accounts. This is a feature for selling memberships in blocks versus selling them one at a time to individuals. It's a great way to sell more memberships in chunks which supports the needs of a lot of small businesses.