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Infusionsoft Marketing and Consulting Is About Elegance …NOT!

People mistakenly think the trick to Infusionsoft marketing is the elegance, finesse and magical creativity.  As an Infusionsoft consultant I'll tell you, "Sometimes it is."  But honestly, nine times out of ten an Infusionsoft consultant's success is driven more by hardcore persistence and repetitive execution than anything else.

It's far from elegant.  It's about simple, repetitive persistence.

In this write up, I'm going to share with you "the secret" behind one of my marketing techniques.  It's generated some solid business for me and believe me, it's not elegant at all.

Step 1 - Publish content consistently

If you've been following me lately, you'll notice I publish a blog post every two weeks.  I cover topics related to Infusionsoft and Internet marketing.  You'll see the whole list of my latest posts at:  This article is one of the many I've published.

What you want to do in these posts is showcase your smarts.  But you also want to plug search engine keywords so Google and the rest of them list your pages in searches.

In my case, I want people to find me as an Infusionsoft consultant or Infusionsoft expert.  It might also be good to be found in searches for Infusionsoft consultant Miami.  (You see how I just did that.  Sounds good in the article and plugs me with the search engines.)

The point here is you produce content consistently that showcases your skill sets or products and appeals to the search engines.

Step 2 - Get Your Content Out to People with Infusionsoft

I've got my list of clients.  Every few weeks, they get an email messages promoting my blog posts.  I want them to remember me and just as importantly, I want them to become aware of services I offer they may not be using.

For example, I have customers that know me as a web developer and aren't familiar with the Infusionsoft and the Internet marketing services I offer.  I need to make sure they know this.

I've have lists of potential customers.  These prospects are stuck hearing about me too.  I need to stay top of mind with them and so they get email messages telling them to visit my posts as well.

Getting this email out is easy.  Take some of the text that explain the gist of what you've written and use it as a teaser promoting your blog post.  You might just adapt the headline you use in the blog post and use that as the email subject line.

Don't work too hard on this. Do make sure you get this email out religiously on a predictable schedule.

Step 3 - Promote via Social Media

You've got the material out there.  Now get it out to the masses.  Make use of the same headline or email subject line and make a Tweet or Facebook status post out of it.  You should consider Linkedin too especially in the Linkedin Groups which are filled with people with specific interests.

Remember on Twitter you only have 140 characters so you have to be word frugal.

The most important thing is that EVERY tweet or status update must have a link back to the blog post.  That's good so you drive traffic to your site.  It's also important because your site gets a slight boost in search engine authority when people click from the social media site to yours.

If you aren't active on Twitter, here's your chance.  People tell me, "But I have no followers."  It doesn't matter.  Find a set of hashtags that your potential clients might follow.  Use them in your tweets and you'll be displaying your message in front of the people in your audience of potential customers.  Hopefully they'll all be saying, "This guy knows his stuff.

I don't have a huge @LarryJacobGroup following, but I post with the hashtag #infusionsoft all the time and #icon13 right around Infusionsoft's yearly user conference and my posts get read by a lot of people.

There are a few more steps I take to get the word out, but I'll leave that for a future post.

As I said when I started, there isn't much elegance to this.  There's an awful lot of self-discipline, consistency and persistence.

When I was blogging in the job hunter space, I used to do all the writing and all the emailing and all the social media posting.  It was a lot of work, but work that pays off.   What I do now is make use of my team's own virtual assistant staff and have them take the articles I write and follow these steps I have outlined here.  It's a service I offer and might take the bite out of consistently blogging.

Hope this helps!!


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