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OptimizePress and InfusionSoft: Your Fastpass to Success

An OptimizePress themed Wordpress site is a requirement for all my Infusionsoft customers.  They absolutely need it if they are serious about list building and online selling.

OptimizePress is critical for speeding up the building of your squeeze and sales pages so you're up and running quickly.  It also enables you to make changes and small adjustments quickly without needing a web guy.  You'll yourself will be able to test, change and "optimize" your pages to get the highest success rates possible for all you publish on the web

Now don't get me wrong.  You still need your "pretty site."  That's the one you typically slap on your business card.  Mine is the one you're reading right now.   It tells the world everything about you and your organization.

Note: At the end of this article, you'll find a FREE lesson right out of my Confusion No More System, showing you how easy it is to build a squeeze page using OptimizePress.

So let's talk vocabulary.  To grow your email list, you need squeeze pages.   You'll likely need several.

These are pages whose sole purpose is to get people to give you their email address.    (I ask for their first name too.)  The squeeze page entices people with something they need or want.  You use a lead magnet like bait for fish.  You'll find a squeeze page of mine at   I display mine on the back of my business card.

A sales page is just that: a page where you sell something.  Take a look at two of mine at:

My goal here is to get people to pull out their credit card and buy.

Why am I so adamant about OptimizePress?

Getting people to part with their email address and hard earned cash is no easy task.

  • It requires experimentation, trial and error and persistence.
  • It requires a focused approach.  You want people to do one and only one thing.
  • It requires you keep your highly distracted Internet surfer from leaving the page because something more interesting caught their eye.

If you try and build these as new pages on your "pretty site," even if it's well-built with Wordpress site, you'll have a lot of work ahead of you.  I've been building website for over 12 years and it's a good amount of work for me.

You have to:

  • set up the headline,
  • format the copy nicely,
  • connect the web form to Infusionsoft,
  • remove your menus, something you can't do easily unless you really know what you're doing.

The list goes on.

OptimizePress does all this.  The way I configure things is I setup a second Wordpress site.  This site uses the OptimizePress theme.  The "pretty site" is available like mine is at  The second OptimizePress one is set up at  (If you pay close attention to the pages I list above, you'll notice they redirect you to this "op" prefixed web address.)

Farther down this page, I've included a video lessons from my Confusion No More System. It walks you through creating a squeeze page.  You should really watch it so you can see how easy building one of these can be.

The OptimizePress theme is set up so you can:

  1. Easily set up eye catching headlines
  2. Easily set up bullet-ed lists in your copy outlining the benefits your lead magnet or product offers
  3. Easily set up Infusionsoft web forms requiring zero knowledge of HTML forms.
  4. Easily include videos in your pages

And why do I need all this?

I run into so many people that focus on the eye catching graphics.  These aren't bad things to have, but what's the most important thing when setting up squeeze and sales pages?

The answer is, "Do they convert?"  Do people part with their email address?  Do people buy?

A lot of times a simple font change, headline adjustment or moving around of the page graphics makes a huge difference.  The use of video versus copy works for and against you.  The placement of a book cover for an e-book offer typically raises conversions.

If you build these pages the old fashion way, it will take you forever to get through the testing process and you'll settle for whatever you put up first only because changing it is so difficult.

OptimizePress gives you the ability to quickly:

  • build a page,
  • build several version of the same page,
  • adjust headlines,
  • format and reformat copy,
  • create a copy only and a video versions of your page and
  • more and more and more.

And you do this all without the help of a developer.  You can do this all yourself.

BTW, you can also get one of our Larry Jacob Infusionsoft Virtual Assistants (LIVA) to do the work for you instead.  You get the best of what OptimizePress has to offer along with someone who's a pro and using the tool.

Take a look at the video lesson I've included below and please let me know what you think.


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