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Infusionsoft Expert: How a Good One Can Benefit Your Business

Infusionsoft Expert

Infusionsoft experts aren't that hard to find.  If you arrived on this page, you were likely looking for an expert Infusionsoft consultant to work with you on your Infusionsoft project.  You're needing to promote your business, automate processes and reap the benefits Infusionsoft and marketing automation can provide your business.

During the years I’ve worked as an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, I've claimed the title "Infusionsoft expert" plenty of times.  It's not because I'm cocky or full of myself.  It's because I've been building websites for small businesses over 15 years and I've been working Infusionsoft projects more 7.  I know the space, the tool and how it works best for business owners.

I have worked with Infusionsoft users of all types and experience levels. Some are new in their businesses and now beginning to consider online marketing options. These business owners are learning online marketing and see that Infusionsoft offers ways to generate leads and grow sales.

Another category of Infusionsoft users know online marketing well.  They've attended the conferences.  They have invested in their learning following people like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker and the others.   They are hungry for what a tool like Infusionsoft can do for them.   These folks are wanting all they can out of Infusionsoft and want to use it to support more advanced marketing strategies and tactics.

When these types of Infusionsoft users come to me looking for my guidance and Infusionsoft expert advice , I could become the know it all expert that tells them what to do and then gets them to follow what I say.

But let's get real.  That would be stupid.

Meeting with business owners that know their business AND really understand online marketing is a trip. The most successful marketing campaigns are built using a combination of expert knowledge of the business combined with marketing best practices and an understanding of the available tools and technologies.  I'd be kidding you if I told you know your business and your target audience as well as you do.  The business owner themselves is the one that is intimately familiar with their target market.

My team offers knowledge of Infusionsoft and Internet marketing best practices. We have the practical know-how gained from years using Infusionsoft and related tools. When we combine our skill sets with the business owner’s understanding of the market, marketing genius is born.

So no matter the level of marketing experience the customer has, I always like to establish myself and my client as equals. Sure, when it comes to developing the Infusionsoft campaigns, we lead the way. But the role is reversed when we fill the campaigns with engaging content that speaks to their audience.

This is not to say that I don’t take jobs where clients want me to develop the entire marketing campaign for them. I am just here to say that after years working as a so called Infusionsoft expert, my best campaigns we've developed are the ones where my client and I work as partners.

We making use of :

  • heated brainstorming meeting where we vet out all the possible options,
  • exchange ideas seeing how the other reacts and maybe builds on what we started,
  • build brilliant campaigns with super copy that engages the target audience, and
  • deliver campaigns that are much more effective than either side could have created on their own.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.