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7 Memberium Marketing Recommendations You Need to Follow – Part 2

I wrote part 1 of this Memberium article a few days back.  If you haven't read it, click here for recommendations 1, 2 and 3.

Recommendation #4 - Storytelling Is What Works Best

People won't remember what you explain to them.  They won't recall your expert advice after a few hours.  Our minds just aren't wired like that.  Tell a great story and connect with people using good storytelling and they will NEVER forget them.

When you're in my business building Memberium membership sites and online courses, you can't help but visit a lot of websites and analyze them carefully.  I can't tell you how many times what I see is a generic site explaining all the great things they do and all the products and services they offer and there isn't a single thing:

  • about the owner,
  • how and why they started the business and
  • something interesting about them.

For example, I gave my business the name "Larry Jacob."  I named it "Larry" after my father and "Jacob" after his father.  Since my name is "Jorge," once a week minimum, I get the question, "Who is Larry Jacob?"

So right there on my home page, I share the story of why that's the company name.  If you watch the video or visit my about us page, you'll learn about my grandfather leaving Cuba after Fidel Castro revolution.  I explain how he started a new life here in the States and his religious and moral beliefs.  It's a very real part of who I am as a person.  It shares with anyone reading it a lot about what drives me.  I want people to know my team and I are so much more than a marketing and tech team that delivers online marketing solutions.

So remember...people will forget the facts.  They will remember your stories.

Recommendation #5 - Assume You Are Going With Plan B

If you run a business, assume something is going to go wrong, surprise you and require you to go with something other than what you originally planned.  I see way too many business owners go nuts because things didn't go as planned.

Let's assuming you spent good money on a booth at an event.    When you arrive there you realize you have little to no foot traffic at your booth.  And it was something you couldn't see from the map they gave you when you purchased.  It could be you launched an ad campaign and no one is clicking on it.  The banner you thought was so clever missed the mark.

If you are heading up any business, have a good second option just in case your first plan doesn't work.  Assume the unexpected will happen and be on the look out for the opportunity it opens up for you.  You aren't the only one that deals with surprises.  Every other business deals with them including your competition.  Get ready to jump on the unexpected to see how you can use it to your advantage.

The business owner that's ready to jump on an unexpected opportunity is the one that has the best chances of succeeding and reaping the benefits when others are freaking out over what just happened.


Recommendation #6 - Good Enough is...well..."Good Enough"

Perfection will kill you.  I've seen people delay a launch for weeks and even months because every single part of the campaign isn't 100% ready.  Don't get me wrong.  You better be doing good work and not just winging it.  But holding out for perfection is a big mistake.

What I prefer to do is take thing out in stages.  Each part is a small "next step."    Then work on the next step based on what you just learned.  Think of it as just in time campaign building.  It keeps you from waiting long to launch something that would be best to launch more quickly.

I've seen too many business owners paralyzed, overwhelmed and held back in their promotional efforts and in other aspects of their business because they perceive what they have isn't perfect.


Recommendation #7 - People Are the MOST Important Thing

Please do use the Internet to identify potential prospects.  Use it to make an initial connection.  Then after making the connection, work on the relationship in the traditional sense and not necessarily the Internet sense.

Set up a phone call or Skype with people.  Get to know them.  Make sure to learn about them, their family, what it is they like.

I'm a long distance runner.  I enjoy drinking red wine.  Family is important to me.  Involvement in church is a big deal to me and I'm involved in prison ministry.  When people take an interest in what interest me, I appreciate that.  Don't you think I prefer doing business with someone who I feel knows me well assuming everything else is equal?

Social media is great way for getting to know something about people.  Learn what they like, how they spend their time, what music they like.  Use it..

People do business with people and not with businesses.  What you know from relationship building in the "real world" applies to the online.  Don't throw out common sense in favor of online tech advice.

Hope this all helps!