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7 Memberium Marketing Recommendations You Need to Follow – Part 1

Our Larry Jacob Internet Marketing team specializes on Infusionsoft membership site.  We focus on the marketing and building of membership sites using tools like Memberium and AccessAlly to deliver online courses and membership programs for our customers.

You cannot be good at this unless you spend a lot of time researching and understanding the new developments coming up every day. You also have to spend time seeing what other people are doing to get results. I've seen some do really good work. I've seen some that are out of this world good.

Others don't do so good.  I them making errors that are hurting them. It's a shame because they've worked so hard to get, for example their Memberium online courses built, and these shortcomings hurt their chances of succeeding.

So here is my collection of 7 things you must do to keep your Memberium site from doing well.

Recommendation 1 - Price Your Solution on Perceived Value

I see too many entrepreneurs, especially new ones, price themselves too low.  It's typically done because:

  • They set their price based on their costs.
  • They target the lower end opportunities.
  • They don't feel worthy of pricing themselves based on big player pricing.
  • They're looking to pay the bills and price to sell right away.


I know I under priced myself when I first started. I had to learn simplify.  I had to stop describing what I do in great detail and instead describe the benefits I provide.  We all have emphasize the benefit and not the features.


Recommencation 2 - Differentiate, Differentiate, Differentiate

I run into business owners who describe what they do and it's not remarkable or noticeable in any way. Worse yet, they sound like everyone else.

One of my favorite marketing books is Purple Cow: Transforming Your Business by Being Remarkable by Seth Godin.  You can read a blog article I wrote about it here. The book's big take away is is that you MUST find out what makes you remarkable so you get noticed.  The title is from the author's trip to France.  He and his family were amazed by all the cows.  The he points out that after few hours driving, they were just...cows.   We need to make ourselves noticeable like a purple cow gets noticed in a group of regular cows. Your buyers are bombarded with marketing material. What makes you stand out?

Recommendation 3 - Keep on Doing What Has Always Worked

A lot of what used to work offline, works perfectly well today online.  You may remember direct response sales letters years back.   It would be a long written letter that would arrive in the mail.   If you review the best online sales letters today, you'll see they follow formats invented back in the snail mail days when direct response marketing was being pioneered.

Record clubs from back in the 70's and 80's got people hooked with an inexpensive first sale and then racked in the monthly recurring revenue that followed. Every wine club today follows the exact same format.

Selling something at a really inexpensive price first, is a great approach to get people to experience you and see that you are worth buying more from.

You can click here to for part 2 of this article with the remaining four pieces of advice.