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Infusionsoft / Instant Teleseminar Tutorial: A Webinar on Building Your Own Webinar – Part 1

Lot’s of people struggle with setting up a webinar. We hear it all the time.

  • It’s too hard.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • That tech stuff freaks me out.

In this part 1 of our two part lesson, we’ll be showing you how to configure a webinar for marketing your business. Our team at Larry Jacob Internet Marketing specializes in working with customers wanting to make the most of marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft. This tutorial will describe how to step up your marketing game by putting on a webinar for generating qualified leads for your business.

You’re in for a real treat. We’ll be giving you a detailed tour of:

  • WordPress theme optimized for registering people for webinar and in-person events,
  • the Infusionsoft campaign used to both inviting your audience, sending them reminders and following up afterwards and
  • Instant Teleseminar which is an excellent, easy-to-use platform for hosting your next webinar.

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