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Internet Marketing Strategy

If you want success, you MUST start with the end in mind.

Here's what our Chief Internet Marketing Strategist has to say,

"Our team has developed a real talent for sitting down with small business owners, understanding their business and defining an Internet marketing strategy that gets them to their business goals quickly.

We get our clients out of that painful, time consuming, trial and error experimentation that gets them nowhere fast.    We see opportunities for making money, improving conversions and growing a list of contact that most people just aren't trained to see.

It just kills me to see business coaches, personal trainers, and financial planners – real experts in their fields - teaching themselves Infusionsoft and Internet marketing in hopes of getting themselves efficiently to their next goal.

It’s like me jumping into the winery business in hopes of producing the best wines.  I  like a nice red wine, but I haven’t a clue how to make it.  I have a much better chance of drinking good wine by tapping into the talents of people who have been doing it for generations."

Our team run into clients all the time looking for help with Infusionsoft, membership websites, social media, webinars and other Internet marketing solutions. They have a need.  They’ve heard about the tools and they want help building it.

At Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, we are  experts at this and are glad to help, but our first question is always, “What’s your goal?  What are you trying to accomplish?”

I’ll hear back a lot of things.  I hear, “I need a campaign built, copy written, and websites built.”

But what we really want to know is what's the business goal.  What’s driving them?

Are they looking for:

  1. More new clients.
  2. Increased sale to existing customers.
  3. Better efficiency to free up team member time.
  4. Improved customer satisfaction.

We take them from goal, to strategy and later through full implementation if they like.  But starting off with a plan or a blueprint that connects the goals they need to achieve to a plan and solution the gets them there is where we are at our best.