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Internet Marketing Expert Opinions – Like Mine – Matter Very Little

As an Internet marketer and Infusionsoft consultant, I hear a lot of ideas from business owners wanting to do business on the net. As happy as I am to share my opinion with them and give them my insight concerning their idea, my opinion doesn’t really matter all that much. What I am quick to tell them is, “TEST IT.”

Before sinking a lot of time, money, and emotional energy into an idea, you have to test it. Your gut may be saying you have a winner, but that facts may not. Confirm you have a winner before you do anything else on the web.

When I work with new clients, I make a point of sharing my honest opinion with them. I tell them up front what I think of their product or service offering. I make sure to tell them if I think it’s a winner or loser.

I’ve been doing Internet marketing and Infusionsoft consulting for a very long time. I’ve seen too many things I thought would skyrocket flop. I’ve seen too many things I thought were losers sell like crazy. You need to gather the metrics, know your numbers and pay less attention to what my gut, your gut, and everyone else’s gut tells you.

What I highly recommend is you not leave this up to chance. Test out your ideas and concepts and move ahead based on the facts. And to do that you need to test, test, test. I cannot emphasize that enough.

Test your idea on a smaller scale and confirm your assumptions with the facts before spending too much money. Then when you find a formula that works and works consistently, you’ve got something really valuable. You have a business model you can take to the bank.

Before I get into the details, I will share with you a big concern of mine. I call it the Ugly Baby Syndrome. You don’t want to be like the parents in the Seinfeld ugly baby episode. Everyone else knows their baby is ugly, but they can’t see it. (Click here and here a great scenes from the old Seinfeld series.)

You may in your heart and down deep to your core believe you have a winner. But until you have some objective numbers confirming that as fact, please assume it’s a loser. You want to gather the facts and make a case for your product so when you decide to pull out your wallet and fund your baby in a big way, you know it’s going to succeed.

My goal for all my clients is to get you to review your idea carefully and launch a set of affordable, fact-finding experiments (some which may actually make you money) and test out your idea. You should see it as an intelligence gathering project and not a full blown and possibly expensive attempt to sell the heck out of the thing.

In future posts, I’ll be sharing two specific experiments I used to illustrate how you might go about doing this. I hope they can help you create a vision for yourself and the ideas, concepts, products, services or whatever else you are planning to sell on the web.

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