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Infusionsoft Lesson – Cancelling a Subscription in the Campaign Builder

I had a customer contact me and ask me, "Jorge, We are offering a 30 day free trial. How do I implement a cancellation option for those that do not want to continue with the program? I don't seen an option in Campaign Builder for doing that."

This is a question I hear a lot. It's especially common from Infusoinsoft users that haven't been using Infusionsoft long enough to remember when there was no Campaign Builder. (And that's over 4 years now.)

The Campaign Builder doesn't have a native feature for cancelling subscriptions. It makes use of action sets (an Infusionsoft legacy feature) to cancel subscriptions.

In this video lesson, I show how to configure an action set to cancel an Infusionsoft subscription. I then show how to make use of the action set in a campaign to get the job done.