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Infusionsoft Memberium Tutorial: Displaying Memberium Excerpts and Partials

Infusionsoft and Memberium together make a great combination for building membership sites. Here's something you are likely to want to do on your membership site.

It's often a good idea to display a list of articles (blog posts) on a page to all visitors of a page. Then when people who have not bought into the membership click to see the full articles, you send them to a sales page. If someone clicked into the content, the assumption is they found the headline and the except interesting enough to click. So why not go ahead and try to sell them.

This Infusionsoft and Memberium tutorial shows you how to display a set of blog posts in a Wordpress category showing only the excepts then displaying a sales page to people who haven't purchased the content,

In this Infusionsoft and Memberium tutorial, I review how to protect content in exactly this way using Memberium shortcodes. It also demonstrates how to use the Memberium Partials feature to store content stubs to be inserts in other parts of your site.

We show the use of the following two Memberium shortcodes: memb_include_partial, memb_has_any_tag

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