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Infusionsoft Users Be Honest, Is the Fear of Making Mistakes Paralyzing You?

One thing that I have noticed is that many new or inexperienced users of Infusionsoft feel a bit apprehensive about tinkering with the application. They may seem to think that it is not as effective as they had imagined.

Although I’ve spent the past three years as an Infusionsoft consultant and expert, I have been engaged as an Internet marketing and blogging professional for well over five years and doing web design since the 1990’s. During this time, I have learned that when people hesitate to attempt something new or complicated it tends to backfire.

Today’s society allows us to make some mistakes insofar that the final result is a positive one and cost effective. Modern technology is different from the past when sending out printed materials could get extremely expensive if they needed to be reprinted due to mistakes. The ability to send e-mails limits such costs and you can get a response in days rather than weeks.

If you make an attempt and you fail it is alright. It is important to consider that some failures can have potentially amazing results.

In my early days in the sales industry, a mentor shared some sound advice. He said: “Being rejected can sometimes lead to a response. A positive or negative response is still a response.”

The same can be said when running Infusionsoft and Internet Marketing campaigns to help promote your business. Focusing on the negative responses or mistakes can help you determine what is working properly and what is not.

I am always working with many Infusionsoft clients and from the beginning I am aware of their statistics. I am aware how many hits they receive on their sites on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I can also determine what their typical open and click through rate is for their e-mail messages sent. When I share this with them, I often get a blank stare.
I then offer some recommendations. I ask them to experiment; this is my way of determining where they stand at the present time.

I had a similar experience recently with a client. They were operating Infusionsoft but they failed to communicate with their own client to follow up the sale. They needed to change their strategy. I offered several different approaches and arranged to send their list of clients who purchased recently a survey. It was a simple form that asked about their likes about the product and to offer recommendations for improving the product.

There is no real scientific method to the approach. It is just a clever tactic that my clients can use and hope to get a positive response from their customers. Of the 753 customers they contacted 57 of them responded to the survey; that is almost an 8% opt in rate. They even received some excellent feedback from those who responded.

We determined that many of their clientele who responded were open to receive a letter from them and also willing to share any information and comments from my clients. This was truly amazing.

Drawing from my own experience, I will admit that early on I was unrefined writer. It wasn’t until I realized that I needed to change that I was devoted to improving my style (nowadays, I hire my own editor to proofread my work). But for a long time, I would publish blogs and e-mail messages that were not grammatically correct.

Consequently, I was always getting critiqued by people who insisted that they help edit my mistakes. Many of these were teachers or those who couldn’t stand by bad writing style.

Here is what I learned.

  • Many people reading my manuscripts noticed several yet minor grammatical errors.
  • Many of these folks ended up contacting me for assistance with their Infusionsoft and Internet marketing needs regardless of my errors.
  • I began to receive leads unexpectedly that I may never have had access to if I chose to delay publishing my blogs or sending e-mails.
  • And for a real interesting lesson. Free copy editing is available if you add certain people in your email lists.

Make no mistake about it (pardon the pun), I don’t advocate any form of delivering sloppy work because it looks unprofessional. This is why I chose to hire someone to proofread my work and make the necessary suggestions to assure that it is written according to our standards. Nevertheless, sending out my material (even as a rough draft) has definitely help to generate new clients.

So allow me to challenge you. Send something out to your clients. It does not have to be that significant; make it simple. But just find the courage and do it. You may be shocked by the results.