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Make Your Infusionsoft Mistakes Fast and Learn From Them

I find that a lot of new or inexperienced Infusionsoft users carry around this fear of making mistakes.  They're gun shy about experimenting and trying stuff out.  Their thinking is, "What if it doesn't work?"

I've been an Infusionsoft consultant and so called Infusionsoft expert for over three years.  I've been blogging and doing Internet marketing for over five years and building websites since the 90's.  My experience has taught me that this tendency to hold back works horribly against you. 

We're no longer in a world where trying things out and making mistakes costs you money.   In the past when the focus was on paper mailings, a failed experiment would cost you and cost you dearly.  Printing and mailing could be a big expense.

That's no longer the case.  Today you write an email message.  You send it out.  Then you wait a few days for the results.  The expense is the time it took you to write and send it out.  The additional costs are nil.

If it doesn't work out, it just doesn't work out.   You must, however, look at the potential benefits which can be massive.  You can experiment with the goal of making possible mistakes as a fast way to:

  • verify your assumptions,
  • confirm your baseline response rates, and
  • learn what works and doesn't work.

Years back when I was first getting into sales, a mentor of mine told me,

"Getting rejections is a good thing.  Every one of them means you are one 'no' closer to getting the 'yes'."

The same applies when working Infusionsoft and Internet marketing to promote you business.  Focusing on getting the "no" responses, or in this case the mistakes, enables you to eliminate what is performing poorly and move onward towards success.

I work with a lot of Infusionsoft clients and when I start working with them, I want to know their metrics.  How many visitor go to their site daily, weekly, monthly?  What's their typical open and click through rates for the email messages they send?   I often get a blank stare.

What do I recommend next?  I tell them, "Let's run an experiment."  We come up with a way to see how they currently stand.

I did this recently for a client.  They were using Infusionsoft, but they never interacted with their clients after they made the sale.  They now wanted to start changing this.  We discussed different approaches and agreed to send all clients that had purchased one of their items a survey.  It was a simple form that asked them what they liked about the product and what would they recommend as improvements for making the product better.

This was by no means scientific.  It was an excuse to send something to their customers to see how responsive they would be to my clients.    Much to our surprise, they go 57 out of 753 clients or an almost 8% respond to the survey.  Better yet, they got some great feedback too.

We discovered they had a list of clients who would welcome a letter from them and were even willing to share information and feedback with my client.  These were very nice results.

I'll  give you another example from my own experience.  I am a reformed sloppy writer.  I enjoy writing, but until I dedicated time to improving my editing (and now hiring someone to edit my work), I would publish blogs and email messages that were less than perfect on the grammar side.

Interestingly enough, certain people would point out my mistakes.  These tended to be people who were school teachers types or folks highly distracted by my grammar mistakes.

Here is what it taught me:

  • Lot's of people were actually reading my material and carefully enough to notice some really minor grammar mistakes.
  • Lot's of people contacted me for help with their Infusionsoft and Internet marketing needs despite my grammar mistakes.
  • I was getting leads I never would have gotten (or would have gotten later) had held off publishing my blogs or sending my email messages.
  • How about this lesson?  Free copy editing can be had if you include certain people in your mailings.

Now I'm not advocating sloppiness.  It reflects poorly on my team and on me.  It's why I assigned someone else to review my writing so it is higher quality than what I used to release.  But my sending stuff out without the extra proof reading was generating me business.

So I give you this challenge.  Get something out.  It doesn't have to be something major.  I can be something simple.  But run your next thing and see what happens.

The results may surprise you.

Hope this helps.

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