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Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant Services Can Be a Disastrous Option

An Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant is something all Infusionsoft customers should seriously consider.  It's someone who plays a key role in the success of a company's Infusionsoft campaigns and marketing automation.

However, - and I preface this with a strong "However" - if you have the sharpest Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant working for you chugging away at marketing and automation campaigns that implement a poor or non-existent strategy, you may traveling down the road to failure. This could cost you a lot of valuable time and money.

I frequently engage with clients after they have worked with other consultants.  Sometimes my predecessors are Infusionsoft Certified Consultants.  Sometimes they are Infusionsoft consultants of the un-certified kind.  (I'm one of those.)  Sometimes they are Infusionsoft quick start coaches.

Way too many times I see Infusionsoft campaigns with:

  • several dozen nodes of many types,
  • paths that seem to do work but can never get executed,
  • features the client never learned to use, and
  • little value for growing revenue, reducing costs or automating the business.

Throw even the best Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant at this and you are accelerating failure.  The VA will quickly grow frustrated with their inability to make progress (at an hourly rate I might add) and you won't get the value you hoped you would get.

My team and I provide Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant services.  It's a necessary part of our offering.  We call our team members Infusionsoft Executive Assistants not only because they know the system extremely well.  It's because they know when to call in a more knowledgeable team member when something doesn't seem quite right.  They know to recommend a review by someone with more insight into online marketing techniques and Infusionsoft best practices when necessary.

Nine times out of ten, I will take these non-working or overly complex campaigns and implement a new campaign using pieces and parts and possibly copy from those campaigns.  The end result is:

  • a campaign that's streamlined for the first thing the client needs done,
  • a campaign with notes documenting areas where things aren't clear, and
  • a client that understands how to use it.

It then become production ready right away and is something the client or their Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant can modify without relying on higher end skills.

As I said earlier, an Infusionsoft Virtual Assistant is a key resource for any business wanting to make the most of Infusionsoft.  But without the support of a more experienced team or a business owner that really gets Infusionsoft best practices, you may be taking an inefficient approach to marketing your business.

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