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Is Off-the-Shelf, Reusable Copy-Writing Even Possible?

Defining Infusionsoft Success - Episode 68
Guest: Stephanie Fleming

Stephanie Fleming is a former Infusionsoft copywriter turned freelancer that has launched Ready to Go Copy. It's a resource library of plug and play copy designed to be added with little modification to your Infusionsoft campaigns. It can be used with other platforms as well. You can use it as is or as a starting point for writing your own copy. I've reviewed her product and I like it.

We've started using it with some of our customer projects.

We've dedicated this episode of "Defining Infusionsoft Success" to interviewing Stephanie and having her give us a product demo. It's a creative solution that you have to see to really appreciate. It's now in beta and available if you want to give it a try and provide feedback.

You can click here to learn more about Stephanie's solution and reach her.

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