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Warning: RANT

Here's something that makes me table-flipping mad:

There are a lot of people out there giving advice about product launches and blogging about their incredible sales numbers.

How they just sent out a few emails and made $100K in just a few hours.

And you can do it to!

that the secret is creating more and more elaborate and expensive products, so you can offer a more expensive tier (usually in the $1K+ range).

Just do that, and you'll make 2X the money when you launch!

Well, yeah, kinda...

But there are a ton of things that they don't tell you. Here are two of them...

First of all, when you create a high ticket offer, there's only a tiny sliver of your list that's going to be willing to pay what you're asking.


You're not going to convince someone with $7 worth of interest in cats to spend $1,495 for your intensive cat training coaching program.

If you have 5,000 people on your list, there are *maybe* 30-50 who would ever even consider spending $1,495 on a cat-related product.

That means the universe of potential customers for your big ticket product is small.

Tiny even.

And you still have to succeed in getting just the right offer in front of that handful of people—not an easy task.

For example, if your emails are opened by 25% of your list, which is pretty typical, then you'll probably only reach 10-30 of your high end customers with a given email.

Can you convince all 10 of them that your product is exactly what they should spend their $1,495 worth of cat interest on? Probably not.

So just keep that in mind if you decide to do a high end offer like this.

Second of all—and this is the one that really burns me up...

Many of the people blogging about this and flaunting their numbers are selling to MARKETING JUNKIES.

I happen to belong to that cohort of addicts. I also see behind the scenes of a lot of other business in unrelated niches.

And I can tell you that it's a LOT easier to get us to buy books, courses, info products, coaching, etc. than the general population.

The numbers you see in one niche or industry don't translate to others—and that's especially true when the numbers you're looking at are from the online marketing/make money online niche.

That said...

Having products at multiple price points is a good idea.

But don't buy into the lie that you can just take a product and add zeros to the end and double or triple your income.

You have to have a list that can support the offer. And you have to pay attention to the niche or market you're selling in.

Otherwise you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment.

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