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Your Answer to Your Customer’s Biggest Worry Is the Key to Your Sale

Think about it. There are people out there who are dying for what it is you can do for them. They are out there working hard to find you. The problem is your way of explaining what it is you offer doesn't catch their attention. You're talking about what it is you do and not about the problem they need fixed.

This is really common when you know a lot about the problems you solve. You think about it as someone that can fix any problem in your space and not like someone wanting one very specific problem fixed.

All experts, and I'm including myself in here, are contaminated by all that we do. You need to spend a lot of time talking to customers who are happiest with what you do for them and make sure you go after new customers "correctly."

To help answer these and other issues you are likely having with your online programs, watch my short 20-minute webinar available here. It explains the main reasons why going online with your services is likely to fail and what you can do to sidestep the obstacles.