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Your Competitor Is NOT Your Problem, Your Customer’s Doubts Are

Lot's of small business owners come to me worried about their competition. I tell them that before they worry about the businesses up against them, they need to address your prospects' unbelief in their own ability to fix their problem. Customer may not yet be worried about your program's abilities. They may be worried about any programs' ability to fix their problem. They may think their problem can't be fixed.

Their self doubt is much more likely to kill your sale than someone else selling your prospect before you do. Let me explain this very important issue many small business owners miss and how you MUST address it in order to move the sales process forward.

To help answer these and other issues you are likely having with your online programs, watch my short 20-minute webinar available here. It explains the main reasons why going online with your services is likely to fail and what you can do to sidestep the obstacles.