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Are You Sharing Too Much of Your Valuable Information?

When you work to convert the services you offer in-person as an online course or membership program, you have to decide how much information to include. One mistake we see made by business owners is they try and include too much information. They work to include everything they know about the subject thinking more is better.

That's bad for two reasons. The first one is it's a lot of work. The second one, and the bigger problem, is that it isn't what potential customers typically want. People are searching for the answers to a problem you know how to solve. They don't want to know everything you know about the topic.

For example, if you are a tennis pro, offering a course on everything you need to know to be a good tennis player, you have a lot of work ahead of you and that comprehensive program may be overwhelming to your audience. If you instead offer an initial program for newbie tennis players wanting to deliver a killer serve, that may be a better match with something new players want.

The goal is you want your solution to be the medicine your target audience wants to cure the illness they have right now. If they are thinking, "My game would be so much better if I could learn how to serve right," then you are handing them exactly what they want and it's the beginning of you being their expert or their go-to person.

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