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Is your service so awesome your best customers are leaving you?

Keap did some research to identify very precisely what automation small business owners need most. Chris Lee, a Keap Director of Product Marketing, presented video recordings of focus groups. In it service providers answered questions pointing out their biggest struggles.

A pool provider shared that they sometimes do such great work, the customer takes them for granted. They've had instances where the customer decided NOT to renew with them because they made keeping their pool super clean look too easy. The customer was thinking, "Maybe I can do it myself."

I've seen this happen with computer maintenance teams. They've kept system outages down to zero and when it comes time to renew their services, the customer questions whether they really need them.

This is where Keap vs Infusionsoft is at its best. The issue is keeping in touch with customers. The issue is keeping the customer aware of what you do for them so they see it clearly. You make it so they wouldn't even think of taking you for granted.

A small business owner doesn't have time to do this manually, but with an automation tool like Keap, they can set up communication sequences that automate consistent customer communication and keep (pun intended) customers from leaving you.