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Keap Consultation

This Keap Consultant, a Certified Keap Consultant, will tell you that building your first Memberium membership or online course site can be overwhelming. Since this is a business decision with an expected return, finding and hiring a team to serve as your guide on a project like this is a must.

It's not that it cannot be done. It that with some many details typically involving tools like Keap, Memberium, LearnDash, BuddyBoss and all that it takes to build a WordPress platform, it’s difficult for a first time builder, no matter how technically savvy to do it right and do it efficiently.

You can go and build it using a less experienced team, but your are taking a chance that you may not get all you could get when you tap into experience.

Keap Consultant and Memberium Consultant Team

Our Keap consultant team of specialists have a comprehensive understanding of Keap Pro, Keap Max and Keap Max Classic (formerly known as Infusionsoft.) We've been working with Memberium to tap into the power Keap provides you so your WordPress members solution gets built right.  Those are the key technologies that power the membership sites we build.

Our team of membership site specialists has been trained in our Larry Jacob Goals Alignment Process (GAP) so every customers is assured their solution:

=>meets their requirements,
=>works and performs as required, and
=>gets the results needed to support their business.

Our team is just as knowledgeable in other related technologies used when building membership sites.  Because of work with non-US customers, we've developed an understanding of language and non-US currencies issues and the solutions needed to address them.

Our team knows all about web domain and hosting platforms, tools for assuring site security and many others.  Our goal is to assure our customers leverage the best available tools and technology so we address their business needs precisely.

Keap Consultant and Marketing Automation

At Larry Jacob Internet Marketing (please note the company name), we do marketing.  We've developed expert knowledge in online marketing strategies, Keap marketing automation and know what works best when promoting your solution.  This includes, of course, promoting your membership site offerings. This means understanding the recommended best marketing practices from sources like:

- Frank Kern, Behavioral Dynamic Response
- Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer - The Machine
- Jeff Walker - Perfect Launch Formula
... and many others

Our team has been building sites for years. We’ve used industry best practices like those from these experts month in and month out. We’ve established our own best practices which refine what we’ve learned from others to maximize the effectiveness of the membership sites we build.

Because we combine our experience building so many membership site, we integrate these membership sites with the very latest in online marketing automation features.  We are constantly learning by attending conferences and using a massive amount of online and in-person training,  We've got a serious knack for building membership site and making sure they work and get the results businesses need.

We live and breathe the marketing of membership solutions so you can be assured you’re getting the best marketing advice available in our industry.