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Keap Expert Advice: What Does Keap Do Your Improve My Online Course?

I'm a Keap expert having used it since 2010. It was called Infusionsoft back then with Keap Max Classic being it's current rebranded name.  Since 2014, I have been positioned our ageny as a Keap expert online course building team.  So I want to give the answer to the questions, "What does Keap do to improve my online course project?"

Let me go over this for you.

Keap Expert Advice #1 - There is a super membership site building tool

Since way back when I started using Keap in 2010, there were membership site tools. It was something that was in demand by Keap's first users. Back then, big marketers like Brian Tracy and others like that wanted it and there was a healthy team of providers to support them. Today, our preferred Keap expert membership site tool is Memberium. It is implemented as a Wordpress plugin that enables Wordpress to connect with Keap and implement features required by online course builders.

Keap Expert Fact #2 - It provided enhanced e-commerce features

Keap includes e-commerce function. BuddyBoss and LearnDash have their own e-commerce features, but they fall short in meeting the needs of most online course builders. When you make sure the features Keap makes available, members can purchase your online course and Keap, Memberium and Wordpress work elegantly together to give your member automatic access to the items they purchased. It's 100% automate with good features for doing collections when you get credit card declines making the sales and collection of subcription/recurring sale products very easy to manage.

You can use this combination of products to:

  • Sell courses a single course or more complex packages that include LearnDash courses with other Wordpress items that you want to include.
  • Offer a free trial allowing people access to a lesson or two. You can implement this just about any way you like using the features that are available.
  • Upselling members to the next best offer based on what they have done on the site.

You may hear people complaining that Keap's e-commerce is less than ideal. There is a third-party add-on called Spiffy that further enhances Keap's e-commerce features to you get most of what the typical online marketer is going to want.

Keap Expert Fact #3 - You can gather marketing data

Keap makes gathering decision making information easy. Doing your marketing based on hunches and guestimates is really ineffective. Keap enables you to gather whatever information you need to make fact based business decisions. You can gather information like the following:

  • How many users login the first week post purchase?
  • How far along are my students in a course and are they ahead or behind the expected pace?
  • Are my customers doing things that indicate they want to buy?

Keap makes collecting this information natural and taking action automatically based on how users behave, straightfoward.

Keap Expert Fact #4 - You can see what your members are doing

Keap is perfect for keeping track of what the members of your online courses are doing. You can keep track of anything your members to do. You can then use that to make adjustments and enhancements to your program accordingly.

For example, let's say you have a course that allows members to access course lessons in whatever order they like.  Keap allows you to track which lesson are most in demand. If you see that member spend a lot of time time on one lesson, you can explore why that is and put that to work for your program. Maybe you can use that to create a follow on course for people that are interested in learning more about that.

This is only one way you can use this information, but Infusionsoft provides you with the features you need for doing this.

Keap Expert Fact #5 - Build certification programs

We recently built a solution that leads to a certification. This leads to a certification by a governing body.  Think of the way the bar tracks learning credits for attorneys in each state.

Keap allows you to integrate your solution with other systems. When someone getting certified passes a test, you can communicate with that outside system and report on it. This keeps you from having to manually report on that saving you a lot of administrative work that could be done by the system.