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Key Ingredents For Making Your Site Effective for You

Building and launching a WordPress website – whether for yourself or a client – is a good amount of work. Many different parts have to come together to form a consistent whole, and create a successful site.

Launch day should be a day of celebration and success for you and your team. It should NOT be filled with disappointment and frantic scrambling for solutions.

Here are 6 things you need to make sure are complete before launching your site.


Content is the heart of any website. It will let both users and search engines understand your site. It’s important to get content right from the start.  It's important that you write your content so humans can read it, understanding, and enjoy reading it.


Good design ensures that web content is presented in the best way possible across different devices and user setups. This can often mean a lot more work, but it’s definitely worth it.


If your website doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, no amount of content and design will make up for it. Pre-launch functionality testing goes a long way.


Make sure your new site is visible to search engines from the very beginning so it’s indexed right away.


Get your message out there! When launching a fresh site, it’s not only important to make a good impression on search engines, but human visitors as well.


Taking care of the legal side of website building can be a bit of a dry topic, but it’s a necessary evil. Not complying with necessary legal requirements can be a big turnoff for site visitors and may get you into trouble.