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LearnDash Advice: Online Courses Are an Extension of Your Business

LearnDash Advice

We LearnDash expert teams see a lot of businesses looking to grow their business, the number of people they can serve and the impact they can make with the knowledge they have. They may have been successful in one local area and now think to look for another to do the same. It could be they want to do some cross or upselling of their services to the same audience they already server.

What I recommend as a LearnDash expert, after having built online courses since 2014, is that you look at releasing your online course as an addition to what you already do instead of something you do in a vacuum. You are using technology to select a different format for delivering what you already do well.

LearnDash Expert Explains How You Are Limited

I’m not telling you anything here you don’t already know. You are typically going to be working as a consultant, advisor, trainer or coach one-on-one with people. It could be you do it in person. In this post-pandemic world, more and more people either are using Zoom, but you are still working with one customer at at time. There are only so many hours in the day so you can only serve so many people. You have to charge a premium because your hours are limited and you have to pay your bills somehow.

What we sometimes forget is we likely have an invisible following of people that respect us for what we do. They know about us, but they haven’t considered hiring us because they cannot afford it or because you aren’t available. Offering what you do in some sort of online format addresses that.

You can leverage yourself better by offering a course that can be attended by more than one person at time. You can charge less for what you do because the price for your time is being shared across multiple clients.

LearnDash Expert Tells You About Course Formats

A lot of people think an online course is just a do-it-yourself, standalone course that people buy and go through by themselves. There is so much more that can be done and as a LearnDash expert, I recommend all business owners consider the options.

When you initially launch your course, use a coached format. You either teach at set times over 6 to 8 weeks or you bring people into your program scheduling office hours. You make yourself available at set times throughout the week so people have access to you to ask question.

What does this do to pricing? If you have a practice that charged $10,000 for what you do, could you instead offer it for $1,000 and offer it to 20, 30, 40 people. That’s a nice increase in revenue and you can schedule thing so you can include vacation time for yourself. You start thinking that your online course is core material or the textbook your students go through with you available to ask questions. Doing this makes them feel supported so they don’t fear getting stuck,

Of course, you can allow people to reach you via email. You can set up a private Facebook group where people can tap into your know-how.

What I see happen a lot is people purchase the course and learn what they hoped to learn from it. That process educates them so the become better clients. They understand what you do clearly and gain more confidence around working with you. In an online, your materials will showcase you and what you can deliver for them. It gives customers an appreciation for what it is they are taking on if they choose to do it themselves. Many will learn by taking your course that it's more cost effective to hire you to do the work for them. They may also learn to believe that working with you assures them of getting the results they need reducing the risk that doing it themselves will give them less than satisfactory results.

As I said before, when you start, your online course doesn't have to be standalone. You can see it as a more natural way to take your first step into that online course building world. This is definitely a good way to learn what you need to learn, understand your customer's journey when buying from you and provide you with the business intelligence to make an online course offering based on the best of what you learn.

Hope this helps!