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Living in the New Abnormal

A lot of people got really challenged (that's polite for "screwed") by this pandemic. Restaurant and bar owners, coffee shops, theaters, etc., in particular, were hard hit. We all know them.

Until recently, I hadn't thought about college students and the impact on them. Two of my nephews are examples. One of them had a confirmed accounting internship which was postponed from June to July. I hope that one works out for him. Another nephew, with super video production skills, hasn't been able to find work so he's taken on a bigger summer load so he's not just sitting around waiting all summer.

There's a lot of us business owners that haven't been impacted. I work with people wanting to launch online courses, membership sites and business portals and I've seen a surge in business from people that I wouldn't otherwise hear from. We've got an opportunity to get these sharp kids working and acquire some sharp skills that wouldn't otherwise be available.

Watch my video for some ideas on how you can tap into this available talent pool and jump on potential opportunities while helping out a kid who needs the work.