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Memberium and LearnDash. Which One Do I Need?

It's good to see the synergy between Memberium and LearnDash.  Together they enable Infusionsoft users to offer online courses with a well put together learning management system (LMS).  The integration is well done and the features they each provide complement each other well with little overlap.

Memberium is a connector between Wordpress and Infusionsoft.  It enables you to authenticate users using Infusionsoft contact records only allowing authorized access to content.  It's the protector.  Think of a guard at the door that only allows "approved" people through the door.

LearnDash then puts your course content on display.  It has features for easily organizing the content.  It allows you to divide your courses content up into lessons and lessons into topics.    You can build your course like you would chapters in a book with chapters containing sub-chapters.

LearnDash also provides navigation right out of the box so as you create your course content, it auto "magically" builds the course menus.  I think it's very slick here especially when the business owners isn't a Wordpress whiz for starters.

LearnDash includes progress indicators so your students know exactly how much progress they have made and can resume right where they left off.  It provides quizzing so you can test your students making sure they've understood what it is you've taught them.

That's just the tip of the iceberg.  There's lots more.

I do want to point out that LearnDash isn't always the right tool.  If you are building a coaching site with blog article like content, it may not be the right choice.  If what you have is a reference library where people search for the content they want, LearnDash may not a match either.  LearnDash does what it does really well, but it's not designed to do everything.

In David Bullock's article, "Do You Need a Learning Management System?" he gives an overview of the Memberium supported learning management systems.  It provides a good (and short) overview of what you can do with Memberium alone and what things to consider so you make the right LMS choice for your project.

I thought I would share this because we get enough questions from new users wanting to put LearnDash to use and they seem to misunderstand where LearnDash comes into play.

Hope this helps.