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Memberium Expert Advice: Sell It Before You Build It

As a Memberium expert, I'll tell you flat out, "Selling a course is the best way to convince yourself it will sell." That may sound like overly obvious, but a lot of people don't do it. I run into a lot of business owners who have built their Memberium expert online course and they can't sell it. A crucial part of of our Profitable Online Course Building program is to build a sales page using the information we gathered from surveying potential customers. We run that survey specifically so we can build a sales page addressing the issues that most keep them up at night.

What we Memberium expert team members do NOT ask you is to use that sales page to sell your product immediately on Facebook.

That just isn't the next step of a process that leads to success.

Memberium Expert Recommendation

What I recommend instead is that we get on the phone or even better, meet in person, and sell it that way. We want you in front of people to see if you can sell it. It's encouraging to get a sale, but what's more important is that we get some feedback. We have to learn what works, what wasn't clear and concise to people and what are the obstacles standing in the way of the sale.

Selling your online course to 1, then 3, then 10 people proves to you that you have something people will buy. You understand what pricing works and you gain some confidence that you have a winner on your hands.

Memberium Expert Responds to Objections

This approach may sound tedious. It's very methodical following a proven step-by-step process.  This is how great sales pages come to life. If you have ever bought yourself an online course, you've probably run into those long-copy sales pages. They typically begin an interesting headline. They will have a second slightly longer headline explaining more about what it is you they are selling. The whole point of these two headlines is to get you to continue reading.

As you keep on reading, you won't likely get much information about the actual product they want you to buy. The focus will be on explaining the problems potential buyers are looking to solve. You'll read things like:

  • Does it frustrating you that other agents in your office sell tons of property and you don't?
  • Do you fear that real estate just isn't your thing and you'll soon be needing to get yourself a regular job?
  • Is your biggest challenge getting people that want to sell their house to list your house with you?

Notice that these statements say nothing about what you are selling. What you want is to get the reader thinking, "Yeah. That's me. This person knows me."

The greatest sales pages you'll ever run into come to life because they've done the research. They've surveyed a lot of customer. They have made adjustment after adjustment. The page has evolved over time. You start my working at selling what you have in-person then you write the ultimate sales pages for use with online traffic using all you have learned by selling it yourself.

Read over a good sales page and notice the customer testimonials. They are written by people that have used the program and have gotten results. The pages with the testimonials that seem most real will include the name of the person who gave the testimonial with their picture and the city and state where they live. It keeps the reader from thinking that you made the testimonials up yourself.

Of course you have to include a description of the product you are selling. That MUST be super clear and concise. You can't leave the reader with unanswered questions. Do that and you've lost the sale.

You have to include the price. You can't sell it without a price. In our Profitable Online Course Building program, we give you survey questions you'll use to ask customer how much they would pay for your program. What I find is that most business owners start with pricing that's too low. They lack confidence and sell their product for a price that's lower than what people are willing to pay.

I had one business owner planning to sell their course for $99. The answers they got back from the surveys they ran told them people were willing to $500 for it. That's four times the price. Make sure and follow a solid process when working on your online course. It will drastically increase your chances of success.